After Rana Plaza incident on 24 April 2013, National Tripartite Action Plan for Building and Fire Safety was adopted and under that initiative, BUET was engaged in conducting building assessment (structural integrity, fire and electrical safety) with a target of covering 1500 factories. Besides national initiative - Accord on Fire and Building Safety (Accord) and Alliance for Bangladesh Workers Safety (Alliance) – two alliances of international buyers – have also undertaken building assessment (structural integrity, fire and electrical safety).

Assessment Status

Following are the status of safety assessments by National Initiative as of 16th March, 2016.

  • Number of RMG factory got inspected till date:1549
  • Number of factory have received reports (full/partial, hard copy/soft copy): 1549
  • Number of reports uploaded to DIFE website (full set): 1633
  • Update on CAP: DIFE has received 300 CAPs with some error out of 1549 factories and resend for the correction. DIFE already approved 5 CAPs for the implementation.
  • Common factories of Accord-Alliance:
  • Number reported by Accord          : 1368
  • Number reported by Alliance        :   829
  • Total                                        : 2197*

*2197 includes at least 164 common factories, exact number of double-counting is unknown. 


Review Panel Actions

A total 150 factories were referred to Review Panel. Out of 150 factories 39 factories were closed, 42 factories located were partially closed and 69 factories were allowed to operate with some recommendations.

Accord and Alliance have already published some of the reports which are available at their websites: AccordAllianceSummary Reports of safety assessments conducted are published here.