Regarding Accord handover of Remediated “No Brand” factory

Today, Accord on Fire and Building safety, Bangladesh initially starts handover 20 “No Brand ” factory to the Remediation Coordination Cell. A handover letter has been signed by both parties on 12 pm at 10th floor, the conference room of the RCC at Pragati Insurance Bhaban, Karwan Bazar. Md. Aminur Rahman, Project Director of RCC and Rob Wayss, Executive Director, Stitching Bangladesh Accord foundation have signed up the handover letter. It is mentioned that Accord signatory companies has no longer business with that company. These factories have completed the remediation of the safety hazard findings from the Accord initial fire, electrical and structural inspections. The Accord provides a fact sheet for each of these factories and the historical and technical files (in electronic format) as described to the RCC, with the following information:

-   Status of remediation

-   Initial fire, electrical, structural inspection reports

-   Record of all past follow-up inspections conducted by the Accord and this


-   Latest Accord follow up inspection report

-   Latest updated Corrective  Action Plan

-   Copy of recognition letter from Accord to factory on completion of initial      


-   List of any new finding in progress and time lines for remediation of same as

    set by the Accord

-   List of any findings from safety committee “walk-throughs” and/ or received

    safety & health complaints which require engineer follow-up,

    remediation/correction, and engineer verification

-   Escalation Status

-   Any financial support received through the Accord remediation Fund.