View exchange meeting on the progress of the remediation work of the garment factories that are made under the National Initiative with the factory owner/ representative


About remediation progress of Ready-made garments industry under the National Initiative

There are total 25 view exchange meeting held at Dhaka, Narayangonjm Gazipur, Chottogram, Mymensing, Narsingdi and Tangail  with running 745 factories for accelerating the remediation work, which under the supervision of the National Initiative from 5th September to 17th September, 2018.

The meeting discussed the remediation progress in details of Ready-Made garment industry with the presence of the owner or representative of total 745 factories under the supervision of the National Initiative. The expert engineer of the Remediation Coordination Cell has been investigating the CAP of Fire, Electrical and Structural Safety of those factories. Presently, the overall progress of the Ready- Made garment industry is 35% till August, 2018. Remediation promptness has been increased by those meeting.

Those factory progressions are at lowest or below 20% or not started remediation work, which are included under the Escalation protocol for continuing remediation.

In this case, Factories which progress is inappreciable, a letter will be issued to BGMEA/BKMEA for cancelling their Utility Declaration (UD)

It is mentioned that Accord, Alliance and National Initiative has preliminary assessed in total 3780 Ready-Made garment industry after the collapse of Rana Plaza. Remediation Coordination Cell has been working for remediation on 1549 factories under the National Initiative.