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NTPA Assessment Guidelines

The Guideline for assessment of structural integrity of existing RMG factory buildings in Bangladesh has been developed to provide a common platform for all concerned in the industry to assess the structural integrity of existing RMG factory buildings, and shall be referred to as ‘this Guideline’ for the rest of the document.

This Guideline has been prepared by the Technical Committee of the National Tripartite Working Group on the National Tripartite Plan of Action on Fire Safety and Structural Integrity for RMG Sector in Bangladesh. Revisions and suggestions as suggested by the National Tripartite Committee are incorporated in this version.

This Guideline is intended for use by professional structural engineers who are competent in evaluating the significance and limitations of its content and who will accept the responsibility for the application of the material it contains. The Guideline committee disclaims any and all responsibility for the stated principles, and shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising there from.

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DEA Guidelines

A Detailed Engineering Assessment (DEA) is a detailed structural engineering investigation and reporting of a building structure. A DEA is necessary when there is insufficient information and documentation on the building structure to determine the safety of the structure. Intrusive or destructive assessment is expected to be used during this detailed assessment. This means that partial removal or destruction of some structural elements is necessary, for example taking a core out of a concrete column, removing soil for lab testing or removing finishes to see hidden/covered details. This guidance notes describes how to carry out Detailed Engineering Assessment (DEA).


CAP Development Guide

 A Corrective Action Plan (CAP) is to be developed by factory owners/managers in conjunction with structural, fire and electrical engineers that the owner/managers needs to engage. DIFE will provide owners/managers with a CAP template along with the safety reports. The CAP template includes a list of observations and recommendations to improve the safety of the factory. 

The purpose of CAP is to detail the necessary actions needed to resolve safety issues as well as to be used by DIFE to make sure that corrective actions are taken within the recommended time period.

This CAP development guide describes how to prepare a corrective action plan (CAP) using the CAP template.

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RCC Fact sheet

Since the collapse of Rana Plaza in April 2013, the International Labour Organization with the support of Canada, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom has worked to improve safety in the Bangladesh garment industry. Over 1,500 garment factories have been inspected for structural, fire and electrical safety. A newly formed Remediation Coordination Cell (RCC) will now ensure that work to fix any faults in the factories is carried out in a systematic and accountable manner. This simple fact sheet explains just what the RCC will do and how.

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