How RCC Works?

The RCC is led by the Inspector General of Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments (DIFE) who acts as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Three Task Forces for structural, fire and electrical safety monitor the progress of Corrective Action Plans and Detailed Engineering Assessments in national initiative factories. A Core Body meets regularly to ensure smooth operations and coordination among and between regulatory departments involved with the RCC.

The ILO will support operations management of the RCC for three years after which the RCC will transition into a government-led industrial safety unit.

Task Force

The RCC Task Force consists of representatives from DIFE, Fire Service and Civil Defense (FSCD), Public Works Department (PWD), the Electrical Advisor and Chief Electrical Inspector, RAJUK, Chittagong Development Authority and Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET); the latter provides technical assistance. Members of the task force are responsible for approval of remedial proposals, DEA analysis and concept design.

Core Body

The RCC Core body is composed of representatives from key Government regulatory authorities who act as the bridge between the RCC and their respective agencies to coordinate the remediation work in National Initiative factories. The Core Body ensures sustainability and ownership for longer term factory safety.

Review Panel

ln case of any disagreement with the results of the final remediation assessment, the case is referred to the RCC Review Panel; thereby, respecting the technical view and ensuring transparency in decision-making. The Review Panel is currently comprised of the DIFE, Accord, Alliance, BGMEA and BKMEA with technical support from BUET. The review panel deals with factories which are considered to pose imminent danger to workers' safety and makes decision regarding the closure or non-closure of such factories.